SadiSadira1ra is a street rat just as Aladdin once was. Aladdin saves her one day from the guards. Sadira immediately had a crush on him, at that time she didn’t know that he was engaged to Jasmine but she soon found out.

She doesn’t stand a chance against Jasmine in winning Aladdin’s heart she is about it give up when she falls into a hole that ends deep below Agrabah in a room with old artifacts of the Witches of Sand. She discovers that she’s the last one who carries the bloodline of the once rulers of Agrabah. Convinced that she can ins Aladdin’s love with her magic she tries to get rid
of Jasmine. Sadira doesn’t want to take over Agrabah, as all the other villains.

Sadira first tries it by creating a sand monster who kidnaps Jasmine. When Aladdin comes to rescue her the sand creature decides to get rid of Team Aladdin against his mistress whishes, she controls him with a magic medallion. Together they defeat the creature.

But Sadira isn’t about to give up, in another attempt she puts a spell on Aladdin making him prince charming who will save princess Sadira from the dragon. Jasmine finds out as she tries to stop the witch by using Genie to turn Aladdin back to normal something goes wrong. After some fighting with a dragon Aladdin is turned back to normal by a kiss from Sadira, against Jasmine’s liking of course.

In her third try Sadira switches places with Jasmine, making her the princess and Jasmine a street rat by a spell. But the spell doesn’t work on animals, who quickly figure out they need help and escape the palace. Sadira’s plans get messed up badly when Jasmine appears on scene convinced by Iago that something isn’t right, earlier she saw Aladdin on the market, she knew him. Sadira is about to marry her Aladdin when Jasmine and the animals barge in and prevent the marriage. As Aladdin and Jasmine share a kiss Sadira’s spell is broken. When Sadira is about to give up for good she frees the Witches of the Sand by accident. Who harass Team Aladdin with a sand snake. The last three woman from an old cult who once ruled over Agrabah. Sadira turns to Shekata to assist freeing her sisters from the mysterious Realm of Mysts as the Team tries to stop them Sadira stops them with her magic. A moment later she explains she;s fooling the witches in believing she’s on their side but Aladdin doesn’t believe her and she’s forced to take matters into her own hands and locks the bad witches up in their Realm.

Sadira only wants to be loved by someone, and she hopes that someone is Aladdin. At the end she settles from Aladdin’s friendship and becomes pals with Jasmine as well.