Captain Murk

Captain Murk1Agabah is being attacked by a monstrous sand shark; angry merchants demand action from the sultan when a flying boat sails through the marketplace stunning the Agrabarains. The ship docks right at the throne room balcony. Captain Murk, a cranky fellow who has been hunting the sand shark for 20 years tells that the shark creature lives in a cave filled with treasure and gold from a thousand sultans. Even more is pressed into his belly. That is certainly of interest of Aladdin, who at the beginning of this episode complained about being poor. Team Aladdin signs on.

Soon Murk and his crew encounter the beast that almost has Abu for dinner. Murk steers his ship in pursuit of the monster using poor Abu as bait. Fisherman Genie catches Abu who lands save in Jasmine’s arms. His action is not appreciated at all by the princess. It is clear that the only thing the Captain cares about is capturing the beast and getting the treasure no matter what the cost. But Aladdin has yet to be convinced that is how Murks ticks.

As Genie clears the ship from the rocks it hit when everyone was busy saving Abu the shark swallows Genie. Aladdin and Jasmine grieve about the lost of their friend but Murk doesn’t care, “We all taste the same to the beast.” Just then Genie escapes the sharp teeth of the monster.
Then the shark jumps out of the sand flying over the ship Aladdin’s wish to make his own money kicks in and Murk asks the boy, “the girl or the gold”. Aladdin goes for the gold. Disappointed Jasmine retreats herself to her quarters when she’s surprised that night by Murk. He drugs her then leaves her behind in the desert where a hungry sand shark is still roaming around. Lucky for the princess Carpet warns Aladdin and the rest and a rescue operation is undertaken after Aladdin scowls the Captain, “some things are worth more than treasure.”
Soon she’s found standing on a rock in the midst of a storm treaded by the shark that now has more souls to feed as he goes after the entire Team Aladdin. It is just when the shark is knocking them of the rock Captain Murk returns on the scene saving his crew from their save heaven for a few seconds. The beast comes back for another attack on the ship making Captain and crew abandon ship. Murk wants to one-on-one with the creature and Aladdin and his friend distract it long enough for Murk to a final swing at it before the sand shark crashes into the rocks knocking it unconscious, it is brought to Agrabah as a trophy but the monster isn’t killed and mysteriously escapes that night. That morning Murk continues the hunt just like he has done for the past 20 years.