El Katib

El Katib1Mirage kidnaps kids to add them to her legion of El Katib, a breed of green, upright monsters that live in the shadow realm. Every seven years they’re allowed to roam the earth for 3 nights in search for new kids to add to their monster club. If they stay on earth any longer they die.

The El Katib is strong, invincible creatures a very attractive option for Poor Street kids that need to steal to survive. They’re homeless urchins having no one but themselves and each other. Aladdin was lucky to meet Abu a couple years later and eventually Jasmine and Genie.

Fourteen years ago it happened to Aladdin’s childhood friend Amal and now he wants to add the kid Waheed too. Waheed appeared before in ‘A Clock Work Hero’ I didn’t like where he destroyed Mechanicles robot Junior.

When Waheed learns about the catch he refuses but if he stays on earth he dies. Aladdin, being the hero and all, offers Mirage a trade. If Mirage turns him to human again Aladdin is willing to be her man served in the shadow realm. Mirage turns Waheed to normal and Aladdin enters the realm. The heroes use their ‘switch places’ trick. Genie becomes Aladdin while he and Waheed escape. A trick that’s been used in The Return of Jafar and with Jasmine in “The Spice is Right”

Mirage sends her El Katib after Team Aladdin and Waheed they’re cut off and ran into Amal. Mirage orders him to kill Aladdin when Amal refuses she leaves him and the rest of the El Katib to die. The others die but Amal changes back to human, at least partly. He decides to head out and do well so he slowly can return to human.