King Zabar

King Zabar1King Zabar is ruler of the kingdom of Mezmaria and married to Queen Daluca centuries ago. When his wife got in the possession of the emerald of Kovu that gives her great magical powers as well as great anger.

This causes the Great Rift that destroyed Mezmaria. Just before the kingdom was destroyed the Queen locked herself and her brothers inside their gems and turned her husband into a hawk. King Zabar has searched for her since that day. When Aladdin finds the chest holding his family King Zabar steals his wife’s emerald then using sunlight he revives her. He advises her not to pursue after her brothers knowing where that leads to. Later when her brothers are back and she prepares to take over the world he disagrees again as punishment the Queen sends her husband back to Mezmaria. Soon he’s found by Aladdin needing his help to stop the Great Rift from destroying Agrabah. He tells our hero that the source of the Great Rift comes from the magic and anger coming from the cursed emerald of Kuvo. Knowing that team Aladdin and King Zabar return to Agrabah. Iago takes the emerald from the Queen and Aladdin destroys it. It is then the curse is lifted and King Zabar returns to his human from is reunited with his queen.