Queen Tatiana

Hippsodeth1While visiting Agrabah the beautiful Queen Tatiana of Causcus lays her eyes on Aladdin. She insists he’ll keep her company during her stay at the palace. At first Aladdin is more than happy to so, he and Jasmine just had a fight earlier that day. But when the queen demands he’ll be her husband and return to her country Aladdin tries to escape her with the help of genie’s magic show. But Tatiana’s Cossacks kidnap him.

Hours later Jasmine finds out with Genie’s help she goes after them to get her boyfriend back. Meanwhile Tatiana tries her best to convince Aladdin to become her husband first with gold later by treating him. All the while Carpet and Abu stowaway in the caravan and help Aladdin escape. Leaving the queen without a husband.