Saluk1Saluk is the right hand of Cassim, the king of thieves. He believes that under Cassim’s leadership the Forty Thieves are weak and soft. Cassim introduced a few new rules such as “Not hurting innocent people”. Rules Saluk doesn’t agree with, he wants the reputation of the Forty Thieves one of murders, merciless, robbers that don’t take prisoners.

When suddenly Aladdin enters Cassim’s life Saluk grabs the opportunity to get rid of Cassim
He tells Rasoul about the thieves den and so his men can invade and capture
the thieves.

Twelve thieves manage to escape. Saluk ells them that it was Casssim who betrayed them. He’s named their new leader. When Cassim returns he is taken prisoner by his ‘family’. But with only 12 thieves Saluk can’t do much so order Cassim to tell where the ultimate treasure is. When he has this treasure Saluk would be able to buy anything, become sultan or anything he wants.

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