Sand Creature

Sand Creature1In the first Sadira episode “Sands of Time” she discovers her Sand Witch heraitege, the spells and magic items. One spell casts a huge sandcreature out from the sand. With an amulet Sadira brings it to life and orders him to capture Princess Jasmine the creature tells her he can trash, destory and pulverise stuff. Capturing princess isn’t in his contract but he agrees, he doesn’t have a choice since Sadira holds the amulet. “Sand” isn’t the smartest creature, he only knows how to destory and isn’t designed to do more than that.

In the palace garden Jasmine paints a painting of a rather ridicules looking Aladdin in his new clothes when “Sand” raises up from the ground grabbing Jasmine before Aladdin could react and takes the princess with him back to the underground lair where a dressed up Sadira waits for him.

When Sadira can’t decide what to do with the kidnapped princess and Team Aladdin enters the stage. “Sand” turns against his mistriss and takes the amulet from her. He really is a challenge for Team Aladdin plus Sadira to battle against him. His body is made of sand that almost inviceble. As always Aladdin has a plan to take the creature out by luring him to Genie so he can reduce “Sand” back to grains. Problem, quot;Sand” isn’t stopped that easily. He’s finally destoyed when Sadira breaks the amulet.