Sand Shark

Sand Shark1Just another day in Agrabah, market is busy with merchants selling their stuff, Aladdin’s miserable about his fortune that is the lack of hard coins, Genie and the animals cheer him up while Jasmine and the Sultan lay the last hand on a mosaic at the palace when a large fin rams through the city destroying everything on its path.

For the last 20 years the creature managed to keep his nemeses Captain Murk one step ahead. Killing his crew whenever possible. Now he has to face Aladdin and his friends from Agrabah, just another quick bite he thinks. He gets a taste of Genie and almost a taste of monkey has Captain Murk offers Abu to the shark.

No bad words about the Captain and his pet shark, both appreciate a beautiful girl when they see one. The Captain as his weapon officer and the shark for a meal.
At the end the sand creature is tricked by Team Aladdin and so is captured for the first time in 20 years. But with the help of Captain Murk the monster escapes and heads home to never return of Agrabah again.