Sprites1The Sprites are little elves that one time saw Aladdin flying high up in the air on Carpet while they’re looking for people ot play with. They followed him down to Agrabah’s palace and wrecked the corridors and the sultan’s bedroom at night while everyone was asleep. Iago and Abu where the scapegoat because they had made a mess in the palace before. Carpet figured it out that the sprites where responsible and caught one. Aladdin, Jasmine and the Sultan liked the little fellows right away and played with them. The sprites can make objects and people hover and even fly up in the air by flying around it or them. The humans and Genie played with them all day playing tag and hide-and-seek. Iago, Abu and Carpet stayed back at the palace.

It was all fun and games until they wanted to return to the palace and not play anymore for awhile. They kept asking and ordering the elves to put them back on the ground. The Sprites didn’t like them anymore and after they made a palace in the sky they dropped it with the gang in it. Carpet saved the day by tricking the Sprites into putting the palace down nice and easy.

The sprites aren’t evil but they did almost kill the royal family and local hero. In “Kingdom of the Sun” the Sprites where enslaved by Mozenrath in his quest to find the power of an ancient wizard. The gang, leaving Jasmine and the Sultan back in Agrabah went out to rescue their friends.

One sprite escaped she went to Aladdin for help. She lead the Team to the desert where Mozenrath has enslaved the other sprites to his bidding, digging to some powerful disc. To find the disc all he has to do is follow the pointing finger. Buried beneath the sand the sprites dig out many strange statues with pointing fingers all pointing to each other.

Meanwhile Team Aladdin splits up, Genie, Iago and Abu go undercover as sprites while Aladdin and Carpet take out the mamlucks guarding the dig site. Iago leads the sprites into a strike to discract Mozenrath and his flying eel from Aladdin who finds the disc. Unforunalty for the hero Mozenrath finds him and greets him by zapping magic at him.

Then Mozenrath gains control of the disc, it collects the heat of the sun and enchances so it becomes a sun. Wizard boy tries to fry Aladdin who finds cover behind the statues the sprites place before him. While Mozey and Al where batteling Genie and the animals had set the sprites free. At end Mozenrath ugly secret is revealed, he gave his right hand for the glove.