Sultan1While Aladdin was away on a diplomatic mission with Genie and Abu Dominus Tusk attacks Agrabah. Agrabah’s Army doesn’t stand a chance again the monster nor is Jasmine able to stop him. The Sultan sees how his city is destroyed house by house. He goes down into a secret basement of the palace to get an indestructible armor making anyone who wears it super strong and fast. However the armor is cursed by Kileem, a great warrior that lived long ago.

Dominus Tusk is easily defeated by the Sultan wants more, much more. Sometime later Aladdin returns with a guest from another kingdom. The Sultan scares him away and Aladdin and Jasmine finds out about his plans to conquer all the seven deserts. The Sultan most put off the armor. Aladdin and the guys lure the Sultan to a river and throw them off a cliff into the water hoping the Sultan get out of the armor but the digs his way through the river bottom back to dry-land and acts out his revenge. The guys can barely escape but crash near an oasis. Back at the palace Jasmine is set prison in the dungeons awaiting her execution the next morning. With the help of Rasoul she escapes. The Sultan cuts her off and throws her down from the bridge.

Just in time the guys return but they crash when the Sultan jumps onto Carpet. Genie does several attempts to destroy the statue of Kileem where the power of the armor comes from. Aladdin’s cleverness saves them and the seven deserts from the wrath of Kileem by tricking the Sultan into destroying the statue and thus killing the evil spirit of Kileem.

In “I Never Mechanism I Didn’t Like” Gregarious uses hypnoses to convince Aladdin, Jasmine, Iago, Abu and Sultan he’s their best friend this to clear the path for Mechanicles to take over Agrabah and form it to his vision. Genie and Carpet can’t be fooled but when they try to convince their friends of the bad intentions of Gregarious they turn against them.