Princess Stories volume 3 Beauty Shines From Within Review

Princess Stories volume 3 Aladdin ep eye of the beholder
I saw Princess Stories volume 3 at the store the other day while checking out the Disney DVD section for something new knowing that I wouldn’t find anything. The cover drew my attention because I wasn’t sure I owned it already. So once home I double checked by collection where I only found volume 1 and 2 plus Princess Party volume 2 and Jasmine’s Enchanted Tales. I bought it today and just finished watching it. For review purpose I’ll be focusing on the Jasmine parts of the DVD.

A small image gallery is included at the bottom.
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The Sims 2: Disneyland Princess Jasmine costume

I paid a visited to mod the Sims 2 today, I might start playing again; I haven’t fired up The Sims 2 in a while. Last time I was playing a farmers family living on their own veggie and fish but it went to slow so I quit for a while.

Recolor of The Sims 2 Jasmine

A search for ‘Aladdin’ reviled a recolor of the Jasmine wardrobe mesh by Denise I mentioned here. The recolor is done by Nina Aksoy and inspired by the costume Jasmine wears at Disneyland.
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