The Sims 2: Disneyland Princess Jasmine costume

I paid a visited to mod the Sims 2 today, I might start playing again; I haven’t fired up The Sims 2 in a while. Last time I was playing a farmers family living on their own veggie and fish but it went to slow so I quit for a while.

Recolor of The Sims 2 Jasmine

A search for ‘Aladdin’ reviled a recolor of the Jasmine wardrobe mesh by Denise I mentioned here. The recolor is done by Nina Aksoy and inspired by the costume Jasmine wears at Disneyland.

I never liked the way the costume designers at Disney parks converted draw Jasmine’s clothing to real clothing. As you know in the movie Jasmine wears a simple yet revealing harem outfit without fringe. In the parks it’s been ‘enchanted’ with a jewel and fringe. See picture.

example picture of Jasmine at Disneyland

Now, I understand there’s a difference between a drawing for a cartoon and a costume for a park. In the sense that the simpler a costume is drawn the quicker it can be draw and the cheaper it is. For one or two drawing that doesn’t matter but if it means a dozen people have to draw that costume design thousands of times it adds up. And in a park, especially on cast members that just wonder around the park portraying to be a character not having to perform stunts like in a show means a designer can enhance the design.

Still I feel that a face character in a park should mimic its animated counterpart as close as possible. In both acting and costume. But that’s my opinion.