Aladdin 15th anniversary snowglobe

Just when I thought Disney would let Aladdin’s 15 year annivery go by without notice I saw it at Fantasies Come True. A fanatasic, detailed snowglobe
Aladdin 15 year snowglobe
Quite a number of Aladdin themed snowglobes have been produced over the years. To my surprise I only see very few on Ebay at the moment while it seems I come across several more when I’m not looking for them. The Belgium based site Snowglobes from Neverland showcases the rest making a total of 7 different snowglobes ones.

They’re great collector items for those who can afford them and who have a nice spot to showcase them. For all those who don’t… we still have the pictures…. -:)

snowglobe jasmine backsidesnowglobe jasmine Snowglobe Jasmine backSnow globe Aladdin Jasmine