Expensive Fashoom Action Figure

For a while now I’ve been toying with the idea to start a collection of the action figures Mattel made based on the Aladdin characters. Part because I think it’s cool to have them. Some movies based toys made it to Holland when the movie was hot but they didn’t appeal to me then. I wasn’t such a big Aladdin collector when I was a teenager. And part because of sentential reasons. When I was little in the 80’s I had Mattel action figures of Transformers and He-Man. Man, I loved playing with those toys. -:)
P{rince Uncoutma action figure at ebay

What turns me off are the ridicules shipping rates from to US to me. Often more than the actual price of the item. For example this very rare Fashoom auction by daviddaltonagency. Starting at $10 shipping $24. I am sorry but that’s way over my budget.

On the other hand, since some better available figures like the various versions of the main characters are being sold as cake toppers it is an opportunity to quickly start up my collection.
Even rare figures like Prince Uncouthma by banshee-irish-messenger.

What I do want to get me hands on some day is the Panini sticker album from the series. There are sticker scans at DAFT since the stone age and I did see the album on EBay once or twice.