Return of Jafar King of Thieves Dutch Soundtrack

You can argue what you want about the quality of Aladdin’s sequels compared to the feature film but fact is I love the Aladdin & Jasmine duets in the follow ups. True that most songs in the Return of Jafar and Aladdin and the King of Thieves are somewhat forgettable but that makes the duets stand up above the crowd. Not only in English but in my native Dutch language as well.


For example I was listening to the Dutch sequel mp3’s the other day and really wanted to wake up with Jasmine’s opening lines in Niet Zo Maar Iemand (Out of Thin Air). It’s a great song beautifully song by Laura Vlasblom (Jas) and Bart Bosch (Al). But Disney never released Aladdin’s sequels soundtrack here. Even the English was and is impossible to come by without either a credit card or expensive shipping. So what can a poor fan do? Simple make your own of course.

I did it over the weekend, ripped the songs, clipped them, saved in WAV and burned them to CD. That was the easy part, designing the cover was a whole different ballgame.
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