Adventures of Prince_Ali in Disneyworld

Tying directly in my last post where I wrote about Return of Jafar is princeali_m_fan’s latest adventure in Disneyworld. She hangs around at the Morocco pavilion in Epcot all the time, the to be when you’re looking for Aladdin and Jasmine at the park.

On her last visit she saw the cutest and most adorable sight an Al fanatic can witness. Two totally in character park performers, I know they’re not called that but can’t produce the right name, acting out a scene from “Forget About Love” It’s the cute scene in where animated Jasmine dances around the fountain then falls in Aladdin’s arms who lifts her.
Forget About Love the animated version in Return of Jafar
I would’ve loved to be there and see that or at least see pictures but she was so shocked she forgot, bummer! You got to read the whole meeting in her worlds on Seamless Organization
Then either bookmark it or get the feed.