mhitori’s 100 Aladdin icon set

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Livejournal user mhitori a big Aladdin fan. I like Aladdin fans especially if they use their talent and skills to express their fandom. In this case a fresh take on the Aladdin 100 icon challenge at Disney100. Caveofwonders and rich_desire preceded her by creating 100 amazing and remarkable icons each but this set surpasses them both.

Mobile Aladdin goodies

A recent article about the popularity of ringtones in a news paper gave me the idea to see if they’re are Aladdin downloads for cell phones. I hate the darn things myself but I figured that if 90% of the world’s population has such a device Aladdin wallpapers and ringtones should exist. It was just a matter of finding them. lists 12 Aladdin ringtones. The first four a cheap and bad versions A Whole New World and Friend Like Me sang by really bad preformers. Then there are the classic bleeps that rip the melodies apart behond reconision. Numbers 6 and 8 sound like ancient MIDI tunes that where hot before PC soundcards came on age or the kind of tunes you would hear on the old Aladdin console games for Nintendo and Sega. They’re not great but the best of the bunch.

“Why I even have servants who go to the marketplace for my servants”

The marketplace?
I have servants that go to the marketplace for me.
Why I even have servants who go to the marketplace
for my servants, so it couldn’t have been me you

Jasmine has seen her share of suitors but none suddenly appeared on the balcony. So Aladdin, wanting to impress the girl brags about how rich and powerful he is. Not only has he servants, like any rich men should’ve but even these servants have their own servants. Top that.
It’s here the princess begins to suspect something, this is not an ordinary prince. He’s different but she can’t put her finger on it. Meanwhile Aladdin is getting hot under his feet. Does she recognize me? She can’t my disguise is perfect isn’t it?

So he saves himself by bragging how rich and wealthy he is. I imagine Aladdin’s thoughts to be something like ”That will impress her after all she’s rich and wealthy too.”

But as he says the words he sees she’s bored and Genie buzzing around doesn’t help either. Then the situation is getting even worse with his next blunder. Girls love compliments and the only thing he can say “Princess Jasmine you’re very… punctual. “ Next thing he knows, seems to seduce him, or at least he thinks she is. Only to pull his turban over his head and his feather wasn’t cooperating already. End of story. For a few seconds. Just as Aladdin starts to think he blew his chance Genie comes with the solution. “ Be yourself” having a flying carpet helped allot too.
He just shouldn’t have said that line, “Do you trust me?” At that moment Jasmine knew something really fishy was with this Prince Ali. I believe it was her suspicion and her curiosity to this strange but familiar boy with his magic carpet that lead Jasmine to the step that would change her life forever.

That’s where the idea for the header comes from. Thought you might want to know. -:)

Rajah Fan Art Week Summary

It’s the last day of Streetrat’s Rajah Fan Art week. Over the past 7 days 7 fan art pieces where featured that and Rajah got even more attention in the form of a wallpaper, 10 avatars and a coloring page plus attention for the endangered tigers in the wild as well. The reason this week existed in the first place.

On Monday Feline Jasmine was the featured art of the day as well as a personal trip report to the rare white tiger in the Amersfoort Zoo.

The following day, was the day of Rajah and Jasmine and promotion of a snow globe on EBay.

Wednesday Rajah got a female tiger friend in Rajah and friend and the 10 icons I mentioned earlier.

Thursday the spotlight was on Aladdin with Rajah instead of Jasmine. Streetrat also featured a home-made wallpaper of the beast, Rajah that is not Aladdin. -:)

The last day of the work week, Friday, featured the second piece with the princess and her tiger in Rajah’s Watch. Two of Rajah’s best official Disney story books where reviewed in Recommended reading, books starring Rajah the tiger.

Saturday Jasmine was hugging her feline friend in Jasmine and Rajah Hug. The second post of the day was devoted to a coloring page with the obvious title Cub Rajah Coloring Page.

The last day of Rajah’s week Sunday was By The Fountain and this summary post.

If enjoyed this week I appreciate it that you let the respective artists know. They can easily be contacted through DeviantArt, free registration is required I’m afraid. I’m concerning registering myself and publishing all homemade wallpapers there.

Lastly a word of warning.

Even though Rajah is a cute tiger and in the films, series and books he only harms the bad, annoying and egocentric guys a real tiger isn’t meant to be held as a pet. explains why. You also want to support organizations like WNF in their fight against poachers who hunt tigers for their fur and body parts that are used in traditional Chinese medicine. This sadly has made the wild tiger one of the most endangered species on the planet.

Fan Art week Rajah: By The Fountain by *Janeckb

A cute picture of Jasmine with Rajah by the garden fountain. Even though her face looks off I love Jasmine’s outfit. It looks like the kind you’ll find on Disney Princess merchandise, Princess magazine and such.
Rajah’s colors and the background is accurate too. It is so Jasmine to hang with Rajah in the garden, not that there are many places Rajah is allowed. As you remember Jasmine told him he wasn’t allowed in-house in Return of Jafar.

I believe that means most rooms except Jasmine’s, the kitchen and the hallways he has to cross to get there. Like most pets the big feline doesn’t always listen to his mistress. Sometimes that’s a good thing in that Rajah help to save the day at the end. The episode Sandswitch comes to mind in where Rajah played a big part in escaping the palace with Iago and Abu.

If you liked the artwork Streetrat showcased this week let the artists know by leaving a comment at the drawing’s webpage at DeviantArt.

By The Fountain by *Janeckb on deviantART