Puzzeling disappointment

Those 500 piece puzzle of the theaterical posters from Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs I mentioned the other day where delivered yesterday. The y looked lovely from the box. Though it wasn’t in a great condition I was ready for the challenge in completing 3 x 500 piece puzzles. The only other 500 p. puzzle is a cute princess one.

Then came the dissapointment.

The glue mentioned on the box was not included, 30 pieces from Beauty where broken. (image had fallen from the carbon), Snow White had the same problem but with fewer broken pieces. A counting revealed that Beauty and Aladdin might be missing pieces. A recounting seemed to confirm that. Although I was not pleased I hoped that at at least Aladdin was complete so I only had to get a refund for the other two.

You can imagine my dissapointed that upon completing 99.9% (with great help from mom, thanks!) the puzzle missed 3 pieces. So I requested a refund and will ship the boxes back to England tomorrow.

To bad. -:(