Jasmine freeing doves Wallpaper

This beautiful artwork comes from my latest Aladdin puzzle. It’s a double puzzle one with the wallpaper artwork while the other is general artwork of Aladdin and Jasmine holding hands on Carpet with Genie smiling on a cloud in the back. The toy is produced by Educa and originates in Spain. Each puzzle is just 25 wooden pieces and so aimed at young Aladdin fans. I have yet to glue and frame them.

I was sure I posted this wallpaper before I can’t seem to find it so here it is. The dimension are 1024 by 768 pixels and is yours by clicking left on the thumbnail below then right clicking on the image and choosing “set as background” you also want to check out Streetrat’s new Wallpaper Gallery where all home-made wallpaper are displayed together. Not all old wallpapers are there yet. But the ten wallpaper that are there is enough to choose from. Yes I know the Agrabah Sunset wallpaper is double that’s because the second is larger. It’s not a screw up. Enjoy!

Jasmine freeing birds wallpaper

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