Aladdin coloring page summary page

As you’ll notice at the top there’s a new page, it’s a summary page for all the coloring sheets I’ve posted here at Streetrat. And while I was indexing all the coloring pages, the counter stopped at 15 self-made and one sheet from an outside source, I’ve edited the images to fit better on standard letter/A4 paper and increased the load time of the file by resizing when necessary.

From now on if you are looking for great, original, high quality coloring pages and get then quick and easy just click on Coloring Page Gallery at the top. The same goes for everyone looking for wallpaper for your favorite Disney character, Jasmine. Well that’s the basic choice you have because her Disney Princess statues she often appears outside Agrabah. Much more than either Aladdin the sidekicks or even Jafar. The big bad wizard guy is sometime displayed with other Disney baddies but he doesn’t even come close to Jasmine I’m afraid. Though I would love to see Disney make a few good Disney villain coloring books. Don’t you?

Would Aladdin’s television spinoff been better with Jafar as the main evil guy?

In December 2006 mdaitch26 wrote at Aladdin’s TV series IMDB board he believed the TV series would’ve been better if Jafar would’ve survived Return of Jafar and become the main villain instead of various big and small one time and recurring, threading and comical villains the series ended up with. Mdaitch wrote:

The moment this show jumped the shark was when Jafar was never featured. Jafar (voiced by Jonathan Freeman) was an amazing movie villain, whom the other Aladdin villains are nothing compared to. Jafar should definitely go down as one of the greatest animated feature film villains. He was so great and powerful of a villain that he should NEVER have been killed off in “The Return of Jafar.

I replied with:

I wonder if the series would’ve been better if Jafar would’ve stayed alive and made life in Agrabah miserable in the series.

Because Hades wasn’t as funny or wicked in the Hercules series as he was in the movie. Same Ursula’s episodes The Little Mermaid series, she didn’t reach her wickedness peak. Probably because these TV series are more aimed at kids then the movies their off. So TV producers don’t want to scare kids early Saturday morning.

What do you think? Taking the arguments of Herc and Mermaid in considering, would Aladdin been a better series with Jafar?