Ratatouille promotion, Banquet comic

Donald Duck 32 is all about haute cuisine in promotion of the new Pixar film Ratatouille.

In Donald’s Mailbox Joanna asks Aladdin.
What’s your favourite food?
vijgen and dates
What are your hobbies?
Teasing Jafar and hanging with Genie
Who is your greatest enemy? (seems an obvious question to me ~ Merkal)
Jafar and the palace guards.

In the main story Donald runs a successful restaurant and Scrooge wants to know his secret, his MacDuck chains runs poorly since Donald opened next to it. The old miserly duck tries everything to get his hands on his nephews’ recipe even Daisy goes undercover to spy. But when the Don finds out his family is spying and deceiving him he ruins the dish to take revenge. Without tasting first Scrooge launches a huge million dollar campaign turning MacDuck into MacTasty with chef Donald’s recipes. Of course both Scrooge and Donald are out of business when the people taste the horrible food.

Other food related comics in this issue are, Brother Bear, Goofy teaches about Haute Cuisine, Duckies, Tom and Gus, The Big Bad Wolf chasing the piglets as usual and a Donald, Daisy, Gladstone. and on page 36 is a food related Aladdin comic.
Aladdin Banquet comic

Jasmine arranges a banquet the poor people of Agrabah. She can’t do it without her friends of course, Aladdin invites all his poor pals, Genie is on the food and Abu and Carpet are waiting the tables. As usual in Agrabah there’s a catch, Rasoul (spelled Razoel here) sees the feast as an opportunity to arrest all beggars and thieves along with Aladdin easily. Saves him and his men from chasing them all over the city. What he doesn’t know is that Abu listened on his plan and warns Aladdin.

Aladdin Banquet comic

Genie and Carpet makes sure the captain and his guards have a hard time getting there. From pouring olive oil to onion soup to dumping them at sea. When the guards finally get to the banquet they have to face their princess with a job for them,

the dishes 😆

Aladdin Comic Baquet