Set of 9 French Aladdin lobby cards at Ebay

For who are envious at my 9 high quality Aladdin litho’s. Now is your chance to own a set yourself. the catch (there’s always a catch) is the steep price of 79 US dollars or 57, 21 euro for my European main land friends. Both prices are exclusive shipping which adds at least another 12 bucks to the bill. I don’t recall what I paid then but surely it wasn’t anywhere near $79. If someone’s birthday is coming up ask your family. Hopefully you’re lucky and the bite.
overall view

Actually that reminds me of an Aladdin related birthday story back in somewhere in 1999/2000. It was around this time of year that I got an e-mail from Cindy Combs boyfriend. Cindy was a big fellow fan and friend back then. He asked if I could help him with a gift of her, he was looking for a place to get a crystal Jasmine. He explained it was for her upcoming birthday in November. It was such a romantic idea I was more than happy to help him out and wrote back he should look on sites like EBay and Fantasies Come True. Those places where his best bet I recalled seeing a Jasmine statue at either one. He thanked but I never heard back from him again. I hope he found it I’m sure she would’ve loved such a romantic and cute gesture. :thumb:

Cyndi Combs was one of generation 1 fans that joined the AML early in its short fantastic life. And like most fans of the first hour she interests moved away from the fandom. I don’t know if she still keeps in touch with friends outside the fandom but I guess not. I see a message pop up at the AWNWML once or twice a year.
Her general interest in reading, writing and drawing resulted in excellent Aladdin fan fiction sometimes illustrated with pretty artwork. A selection of her Aladdin fiction can still be read at site but the artwork is taken offline years ago. I even checked Agrabah’s Market archive folder, perhaps I kept some of her art but alas nothing.

I remember loving her stories, she stayed very true to Aladdin and Jasmine’s personalities while taking them to a much deeper level then the official canon ever did. Together Forever, Only for you, Dear Jasmine and Generation to Generation I remember liking best. You should read them and you’ll love them just like I did.