Thrilling 40 double page thick Aladdin color book

This week I scored my best Ebay Aladdin purchase of 2007, a 40+ double page thick Aladdin coloring book full with fun activities, riddles, word search other games but what really gets me excited are the many super amazing black and white pictures highlighting major events from the film.

It was a gamble buying this book, it could be a big miss if most or all coloring pages where the same that are found on many general coloring page site as A quick scan though the book it looks like 2 to 5 pictures are found elsewhere the rest are unique. And while the book is worn, yellowed, slightly damaged, missing a few pages and fifteen year old, I don’t care not only is the second Aladdin only coloring book I’ve ever seen. It’s also loaded with good quality pictures enough to last for years before they’re all published at Streetrat.

The games and activites are a good source to have some variety between the coloring sheets, wallpapers and hopefully attract parents, kids and fans that are looking for activities that are easy and fun to do.

Lord & Lady of the black sand

Pairing Mozenrath with Sadira has always been populair within the fandom, the Libary of Agrabah & are full off stories pairing these populair TV show characters together. And why not, both are lonely and need someone to keep them in check Aladdin and Sadira never worked because his heart belongs to Jassy and pairing Wizard boy with the girl of his sworn enemy would never work either.

However, it’s rare to find a drawing of a Mozenrath/Sadira pairing even more of this impressive quality. Orginal pose, Sadira in a hot outfit and great color and shading.

Lord and Lady of the Black Sands is BoricuanKitty‘s only Aladdin piece. The rest of her DeviantArt gallery is filled with duck art and random pieces including a nice X-MEN drawing of Rogue.

Lord and Lady of Black Sands by ~BoricuanKitty on deviantART