Former Aladdin animator does magic with stone

Ellen Woodbury, a former Disney Studio employe who helped shape movies like The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King left the studios after an 21 year career at the happiest place on earth to become a sculptor.

While it seems like a big step from paper and pencil to heavy powered tools to express creativity Ellen said to Stacy Nick from the Coloradoan ‘Sculpting was a natural step from animation’.

Her work can be admired in Benson Sculpture Park in Loveland

Art of Disney: Magic US Postage Stamps with Al and Genie

Aladdin and Genie U.S. stamp
Laughing Place as the video of the launch ceremony of Art of Disney: Magic US Postage Stamps. Four very nice looking stamps with water color images of Mickey, Dumbo, Peter Pan and Aladdin and Genie.
The ceremony opened with the US Anthem, no idea why though. When special stamps are presented by Holland’s postal service TNT, like with Rembrandt last year, just a couple high suits give a press presentation, the event gets a minute or less in the news at 6 a bit in the papers and that’s it.

Anyway when Holland Hayes is about to unveil the stamps to the people gathered he’s interrupted by an annoying Fairy Godmother who ‘magically’ bring the stamps characters to life including Genie.

Video clips and photos of the ceremony at Laughing place.

The stamps where previously announcement in October last year reacting the fandom through a post by Heather at the Aladdin Central board. has a recent, August ’07, story about the stamp series showcasing Aladdin and Genie stamp up front.