“I Know Why You…” emotional Al/Jas moment

This moment at the end of “Aladdin” always gets to me. It’s the saddest scene in the film, Aladdin is torn between his love for Jasmine and his friendship with Genie. He wants to stay with her but he can’t because he promised to help his friend. He knows the right thing to do is set Genie free even if that means he can’t be with his true love.
Jasmine knows that too, you see it in her eyes. I think she was seriously considering living with Aladdin in poverty even if only for second. But she knew she had her duties as a princess and couldn’t leave her father alone. Perhaps she learned that from running away earlier in the film.

You can see the two saying their farewells in their thoughts…… and considering they are drawn you must respect the geniuses at Disney for triggering such emotion with only pen and paper.

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