A Whole New World: the five greatest instrumental arrangements

In the 15 years since the birth of my fandom I scraped together a decent collection of different versions of Aladdin’s love ballad ranging from a dozen foreign versions, that I should do a top 5 on some day, to third party versions such as Disney Country Album and Disney’s On The Record to a handful of instrumental versions that I love to listen to late the evening relaxing at my computer doing nothing.
Today I wondered, what’s my favorite arrangement so I jointed down the first five pieces that came to mind.

5 It’s A Small World by Berdien StenbergAladdin and Jasmine on Carpet in A Whole New World
I was exposed to this version during an internship in the winter of 1998. I worked at a Traveling Bookstore in the heart of Amsterdam the nice owner played this CD on repeat almost the whole day every day. It’s filled with beautiful music and I can’t get enough listing to it but the whole day every day was almost too much even for me and if AWWN hadn’t been included I would’ve begged to put it off. The album also has a short Prince Ali medley. It’s a beautiful album overall but I’ve heard too many times to appreciate the way I used to when I first heard it.
Album is hard to come by outside Netherlands. I suggest asking sellers at Marktplaats if they ship internationally at what rates. ->
A Whole New Wold Image 2
4 Unknown Instrumental version
It was through the Aladdin Mailing List in the 90’s that I obtained this version. Never found out who made it and what CD it comes from but it’s gorgeous almost a 100% match to the singing version and if it wasn’t for that annoying tick halfway and near the end it would’ve been in my top 3.

3 Disney Princess Lullaby Album by Fred Mollin
Easy the best Disney album carrying the Disney Princess label. Fred Mollin connects indirectly to the fandom. He composed music for Beverly Hills 90210. Get the album on Ebay ->This is a soft, slow version on guitar. I love the whole album that’s reason enough to bump it to the 3rd place.
A Whole New Wold Image 3
2 The John Test Project Pure Movies
The slowest piano version I own. Movie soundtrack collectors will like this album, quite a few tracks from romantic films of the 80’s and 90. Album is still being sold at various places ->

1 Disney Instrumental Impressions by Jack Jezzro
It’s the end that makes this version get into the top 5 but the combination of strings, guitar, sax and piano that this arrangement gets the number 1 spot of the five greatest instrumental versions of Aladdin’s theme song. Album is being sold at Ebay ->