One week until Jasmine returns in Enchanted Tales Follow Your Dreams

September 4, just over one week from today, marks an important date in the fandom. It is the return of our favorite characters in animated form for the first time since we left Agrabah in Aladdin and the King of Thieves eleven years ago.
enchanted tales screenshot

And while the return isn’t as grand as I hoped Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams sparks hope that the creators improve in future stories starring Jasmine and friends. Seeing the shape Disney’s been in the last decade that hope might be false but it’s hope nonetheless.

Disney’s official website is just updated with a storybook with an excerpt of Jasmine’s story.
As we learned from previews and sneak peeks, Jasmine is unhappy with her current life all she does is cutting ribbons, selling camels in the marketplace, posing in ugly dresses. She asks her father, the Sultan, for more important duties. She suggests she can assist tutoring the children in the Royal Academy.

Upon entering the classroom she was faced with the worst monsters she ever faced on Aladdin’s side. The kids even scared Rajah up a tree. The next morning Hakeem the stable boy {Aladdin’s bastard son complete with fez, did he do it with Sadira after all ;)} calls the princess for help in finding Sahara, Sultan’s prized horse.

And that’s where it ends. My guess is that, based on previews, Jasmine finds the horse and rides it back home. No TV series monsters, evil doings or thieves seem to return. Just some palaces servants, the royal painter, the woman looking like Al’s death mom and the boy who could be Aladdin’s son and perhaps a few function as supporting cast. I’m afraid Aladdin and Genie won’t be appearing in Follow Your Dreams.

enchanted tales screenshot
enchanted tales screenshot