A Fun and silly Agrabah Cleaners picture I made for work

Inspired by my work at Amsterdam’s trash collector company, Gemeente Reiniging and the Ghostbusters Aladdin Music Video I made once comes this silly wallpaper of Agrabah’s Cleaners. They’re for hire to take out pests like thieves, monsters, black magic and evil warlocks and every other criminal or wizard that makes your life sour. Agrabah Cleaners wiping up evilThey’ve called themselves Agrabah’s Cleaners because they couldn’t come with a better name, suggestions are welcome.
I’m seriously thinking about putting a Dutch version on the public computers at work. It annoys me that many employees are filthy *insert mean word* and considering they clean up trash themselves it’s even worse. You would expect them to be neat. So this will be my way to get back at them. Since asking doesn’t seem to help *evil grin*

To quote Mozenrath, Aladdin and Iago from The Citadel:
Mozenrath: You wouldn’t. You’re not that ruthless.

Aladdin: You’re right, I’m not. But he is.

Iago: And man do I feel cranky!