October’s Princess issue stars Jas as leading lady

Belle on the cover of Disney Princess Magazine September 2007 issue
The October 2007 issue of Princess, the magazine about your favorite Disney girls, has Jasmine on as the main princess decorating the cover. The last time I saw something Jasmine-related was in the July issue. It’s the first time Jasmine shines as the leading lady this year.

The September issue with Belle in and ugly on cover has lovely center poster shows Belle and Beast on a swing. An Ariel coloring page and an amusing story, Snow White tells about a dog she meet and there’s a find the difference Mulan activity. Advertisements include one the next Princess special about Aurora doing ballet, honoring her roots I guess but she looks silly nonetheless.

September 21 marks the release of the October issue. Expect details about the content of this issue in a month.
Jasmine wears a pimped version of her regular outfit on the back cover her facial features aren’t 100% accurate but I like the outfit. :thumb:

Jasmine on the Princess Magazine September 2007 issue

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