New Goofy short is finished and is already previewed

Catoon Brew in the person of Jerry Beck saw a preview of the completed “How To Hook Up A Home Theater” and he loves it.

Disney appearently finished up this first cartoon short in their animated short program. Previous interviews with Disney’s top animators Andreas Deja and Mark Henn revealed the first short would be about Goofy in his classic “How To” form he gained fame in the 1940’s.
Rumors are that the short will be projected before Enchanted.

“Beat It!” Mozenrath AMV

There’s still time for a quick low-bandwidth post before I’m at my limit. Came across a cool Mozenrath music video set to the classic Michael Jackson hit “Beat It.” Like many kids of the 80’s I was a fan of his music before he fell hard on his face the next decade. Stardom ate him alive so to bad for Michael but his legacy lives on.

PrincessHikaru is an 80’s child too and combined Jem’s songs with Aladdin footage in a couple of music video’s you’ll find at her channel, she also a regular at Aladdin Center.

How to Capture Bumbling Sidekicks, The Mozenrath Way

How to Capture Bumbling Sidekicks, The Mozenrath Way

1. Lure the hero away from his sidekicks with a powerful magic object.

2. Wait for the sidekicks to be annoying and disobey orders

3. Hero always says ‘What ever you do, don’t follow me. You’ll bring the mission in danger”

4. Setup a trap so simple annoying sidekicks fall for it. Works best with magic detection that the semi-powerful genie doesn’t figure it out.

5. Capture sidekicks, be happy and wait for the hero to rescue his pals.

Cudos to mozenrathlover for putting this clip in his favorites.