What do you hang on the bathroom door in 08? Disney Princess Calendars in regular and gold

Exactly a year ago I wrote a few lines on the 2007 edition of Disney Princess Wall Calendar. It so happens I can repeat this for the 2008 edition because I just picked it up this week.

Last year I did a frantic search to get it but besides the web no regular stores carried it here in the city. And those web stores that did carry it only accepted the credit cards I don’t have, which no card at all. My best bet for Disney calendars has always been the department store V&D. I got a cute general Disney calendar there some years ago and it’s just simply fun to shop there. It’s big enough to find what I’m looking for, often CD/DVD or clothing, prices are okay and except on weekends not too busy despite it’s located in the city centre that’s swapped with tourists.
DIsney Princess Wall Calender 2008 May Jasmine

The calendar itself is made by Grupo Erik and comes in five languages English, Spanish, France, German and Portuguese. The girls are portrayed in their regular princess form except Jasmine who wears a fancy dark blue/pink outfit with veil and crown. This outfit seems to be replacing her regular movie pants and top because I’m seeing it more and more on new Princess products.

Grupo Erik has also an Enchanted Tales 2008 16 month calendar with the same poses just different backgrounds and the girls wear gold. Jasmine is again included twice as are everyone else. Not very original but if you don’t own the regular ’08 calendar the ET (i.e. Enchanted Tales) version is nice to have. I suspect only little girls would want both. Plus the agenda’s posters and other calendars Grupo Erik makes. There’s a Princess, Disney, Pixar, Ratatouille and Fairies product overview on their site you want to check it out.

DIsney Princess Wall Calender 2008 October Jasmine