Halloween DeviantArt: Jasmine wearing Jafar by Tewateroniakwa

I grinned at the irony, Jas dressing up as one of her worst enemies. The drawing would’ve been even better if it was Aladdin. Have you ever noticed that Jasmine looks good in (almost) everything she wears, kudos to Mark Henn by giving her universal appeal. Tewateroniakwa gets credits for conning this combination and Ariel as Ursual up. Hmmm… how would Belle as Gaston look -;)

Jasmine as Jafar

Jasmine Animated Music Video set on Desert Rose by String

Desert Rose by English pop singer String was the single from his 2000 Brand New Day. The lyrics are inspired by the novel Dune which was also the inspiration for Virgin Entertainment to make a video game. It’s sequel Dune 2 would lay the foundations for the real-time strategy genre as made popular by Dune 2’s successor Command & Conquer and a wide variety of other war games such as the Warcraft series.
Thus far the trivia on the video!

Aladdin Meets Xena

Xena: Warrior Princess was and is my favorite mythological action adventure series from the 90’s. Two beautiful woman, Lucy Lawless as Xena and her protege Gabrielle played by Renée O’Connor taking it up against thugs, evil lords, Ceaser even the gods themselves. I’ve lost count how many times Xena fought against Ares, God of War. But the series was much more then action alone, there was plenty of drama and humor and packed in good stories and strong acting by both leading ladies as the supporting cast Ted Raimi (Joxer), Bruce Campbell portaying Autolycus, Hudson Leick who shaped Xena’s arch nemises Callisto.

Naturally I had to fave Walt Xena – Aladdin Episode 1 the moment I finished watching it. Clips from various Xena episodes set on the opening song from Aladdin, Arabian Nights. That’s the closed thing I can give for a connection between the two series. In canon ,writers of “Forget Me Lots” could have been inspired by Xena when they made Jasmine Scrooge Of The Desert. Like Xena Jas wears black and is good with a whip.

Ebay: Aladdin Television Series Scripts

Look what I stumpbeled upon yesterday, original scripts of 3 Aladdin TV episodes. It’s actually a book instead of seprate binded scripts. The book includes scripts from “Do The Rat Thing”, “The Day The Bird Stood Still” and “Smolder and Wiser” Notice that the first draft of “Do The Rat Thing” dates November 25 1992, the day the movie premiered country wide. Amazing isn’t it?

Aladdin TV episode script

Princess Enchanted Journey website opens

Disney just opened a small website featuring both Enchanted Journey and Magical Jewels video game as well as the older (November 2006) Royal Adventure for the Game Boy Advance.
Notice that older Princess fans who played RPG’s like Zelda: A Link To The Past on the Super Nintendo that Royal Adventure’s visuals borrow heavily from those games. Actually the Game Boy Advance is allot like the SNES in pocket format. But that trivial information lets continue on the site.
It consists of summaries, screenshots and a good resolution trailer for the Wii version that’s out since 2007 edition of the E3 game fair. The only change is that game got a mild Cartoon Voilence rating by the ESRB