15th Anniversary High-Quality Picture 1

To celebrate Disney’s Aladdin premiered 15 years ago this 25 November a high-quality picture is published daily. The pictures are from a Japanese Movie Program I purchased earlier this year and promised to share high-res scans but haven’t gotten a chance to so.
The pictures are large, 3000 pixels wide and over 400kb in size.

Download the Zip file by clicking on the thumbnail of Day 1: Flying pass the moon.

Japanese Movie Program Scan

Streetrat celebrates Aladdin’s 15th birthday

Its November 2007 15 years ago Disney’s 32th classic saw its world premiere on November 25th 1992. In honor of this joyful event Streetrat celebrates 15 years of adventure, action, romance, humor and that spark that has changed our lives forever.

In the 30 days to come I’ve scheduled several Aladdin 15th Anniversary Celebration articles diving deeper into a wide range of subjects that are all tied directly to the feature film. Besides that Streetrat will continue its normal flow of news, remarkable EBay findings, coloring pages and wallpapers. In fact I’ve special Anniversary Celebration coloring pages and wallpapers in sitting the pine line to be released later this month.

Enjoy and keep coming back often or subscribe to the RSS feed found the top navigation bar to make sure you don’t missing anything this month.