YouTube: Drops of Jupiter by BlueRoses4Valentine

BlueRoses4Valentine subscribed to my channel yesterday and since I’m a control freak I like to know who subscribed and if they have anything to offer in return. Mostly they don’t but on occasion they have.

Jasmine and Aladdin – Drops of Jupiter uses video footage from Aladdin 1 and a rip, probably DVD from Aladdin III aka Aladdin and the King of Thieves.
The fuzzy old picture quality from Al 1 makes me feel warm and happy inside. It triggers memories of the early years when I watched bits Aladdin on daily bases on the living room TV almost driving my dad insane. -:) Aladdin Forever!

15th Anniversary High-Quality Picture 3

To celebrate Disney’s Aladdin premiered 15 years ago this 25 November a high-quality picture is published daily. The pictures are from a Japanese Movie Program I purchased earlier this year and promised to share high-res scans but haven’t gotten a chance to so.
The pictures are large, 3000 pixels wide and over 400kb in size.

Download the Zip file by clicking on the thumbnail of Day 3: The Magic Lamp.

Japanese Movie Program Scan