15th Anniversary High-Quality Picture 7

To celebrate Disney’s Aladdin premiered 15 years ago this 25 November a high-quality picture is published daily. The pictures are from a Japanese Movie Program I purchased earlier this year and promised to share high-res scans but haven’t gotten a chance to so.
The pictures are large, 3000 pixels wide and over 400kb in size.

Download the Zip file by clicking on the thumbnail of Day 7: I am totally in love with this pose. I have it as a litho on my bedroom wall you know.

Japanese Movie Program Scan

Aladdin TV Show Scripts: Do The Rat Thing, The Day The Bird Stood Still and Smolder and Wiser

Since no one wanted to buy those Aladdin TV Series scripts I mentioned I bought them myself. The book came in the mail yesterday and I just read “Do The Rat Thing”. The lines are 100% indentical with the final episode. Even Genie’s and Iago’s, no adlipping buta few minor character lines are missing from the script.

Do The Rat Thing - Disney Aladdin Series
Genie as Humphrey Bogard.

Things I noticed, first draft is November 25 1992, Aladdin’s premiere day. The rat has a name! He’s called Sa’luk, years before the King Of Thieves main badguy was born. The guy with raincoat and hat Genie morphs into near the end of the first scene is named Bogard, refering to actor Humphrey Bogard. The Genie nature show host, grey haired fellow in safari outfit, is suppose to be Marlon Perkins.

Do The Rat Thing - Disney Aladdin Series
Genie doing a Marlon Perkins impression.

The script doesn’t have the lines of Farouk and the shopper in the scene where Jasmine steals fruit from Farouks fruit stand.
The poor woman in the next scene is named Dina. Her childeren swiched age, the girl is older then her brother in the episode the script says she’s 4 and he’s 7. In close-up shots they appear to be of the same age. The boy’s facial features resemble child Aladdin in King Of Thieves a few years later.

Do The Rat Thing - Disney Aladdin Series
Nina and her family.

The last difference between final episode and script in near end, when Genie is attempting to return Jasmine to a princess (though techically she was still a princess in rat form and should’ve pleaded to be returned to her human form) the script describes the old creature as “Three Jasmine heads on sperpentine necks and a chicken body with clown feet”

Do The Rat Thing - Disney Aladdin Series
Form is different in script.

The Day The Bird Stood Still” was drafted on June 9, 1993 and was penned by Kevin Campbell. There are no differents between script in final episode in term of changed lines. The Scrooge McDuck reference in this episode is called Genie McDuck. There is nothing more to tell about this script.

“Smolder and Wiser” is written by Bill Motz and Bob Roth and was first drafted on June 22, 1933. Genie appears as

  • six-armed janitor
  • football player
  • elevator operator
  • green beret
  • clown
  • rock climber
  • 30’s gangster – with a tommy gun. with and without a scar on his face.
  • little boy – think 50’s advertisment child.
  • little girl – see above.
  • construction worker – driving a truck.
  • with jackhammer forearms – wearing ear protection.
  • dumbo – not even a blue Dumbo with a topknot. just dumbo straight out of the movie.
  • “fantasia broom” – with buckets of water.
  • mathemattician – in a white lab coat.

Thats it, nothing more to say about the script. Lines are the same between script and final episode.