Princess October ’07 wallpaper Green recolor

I was playing around in Paint Shop Pro with the wallpaper I made of the October ’07 issue of Princess Magazine. I recolored the background to green, hence the name Princess October ‘ 07 issue wallpaper green recolor. Jasmine’s dress on the main image went from a typical Disney Princess pink shade to a fresh water blue shade close to the color of her regular outfit.
The dress of side Jasmine went from blue to a light green shade falling in harmony with the background.

Hope you like!

The wallpaper is made for standard desktops with 1024 x 768 resolution. Click on the thumbnail for the large version then mouse click right on the image and choose “Set as Background”.

Green recolor of a Princess Magazine wallpaper - 1024 pixel wallpaper

15th Anniversary Article: Aladdin Christmas Tree Decorations and Gifts idea list



Christmas Tree Decorations
Aladdin Jasmine Christmas Ornaments
Aladdin Jasmine Christmas Figures

Aladdin Christmas Gift Ideas
Aladdin Christmas Gift Ideas Toys
Aladdin Christmas Gift Ideas WDCC

Finally it’s November, exactly 15 years ago Disney released its thirty-first animated feature- Aladdin.Back in those days Aladdin was immensity popular with a huge marketing campaign and an immense number of merchandise to promote this rare jewel. Many kids asked Santa to bring them some Aladdin merchandise for Christmas 1992. Sadly I wasn’t one of them being a 14 your teenager I grew out of Christmas presents years before.

Now 15 holiday seasons later many movies surpassed Aladdin’s popularity but Aladdin is not forgotten, there’s still a strong fan base with many devoted fans but also the occasional fan who has found memories seeing the film in theater as a teenager or young child.
That why I thought it was a good moment to consider what you can do too spice up the holidays with a little Genie magic.

I’ll be given tips to decorate your Christmas Tree in Aladdin style and tips for Aladdin Christmas Gifts to ask for or give away, preferably at a fellow Aladdin (or Jasmine) fan but a general Disney (or Princess) cartoon lover is of course fine too.

Now you know as well as I that in the regular shopping mall it’s hard if not impossible to find Aladdin decorations and gifts, besides the rare Disney Princess items that feature Jasmine in the lead. That’s why I hope this article gives you ideas and inspires you to create a fun Christmas with a little Aladdin topping h but not so much it ruins the cake.

Christmas Tree Decorations.

Genie Christmas Ornament Genie Carol Christmas Tree Ornament by Grolier
Is wide available ornament of Genie in traditional X-Mas outfit complete with Christmas Carols
Genie Ornament Genie Magician Christmas Tree Ornament by Enesco
Here Genie is his magician outfit pulling of a trick.
Genie Ornament Genie Vacation Christmas Tree Ornament By Enesco
Also from the same company comes Genie his is vacation outfit ready to blast away to sunnier parts of the world.
Genie Christmas Ornament By Enesco
Finally a rare find is Genie with a Santa hat in his lamp
Iago and Abu Christmas Tree Ornament By Hallmark
Pretty common is the only ornament with both the parrot and monkey together.
Genie heads singing carols Genie Carols
4 Genie heads sing carols on this porcelain ornament.
Genie in santa clause outfit Santa Genie
This Grollier was an exclusive mail subscription club ornament.
Genie magic moment' width= Genie singing carols bell
Another Enesco Genie ornament.
Balcony Scene Ball Balcony Scene Ball Ornament By Santa’s Workshop
On occasion you might come across a cute Christmas Ball showing the balcony scene just before the kiss. This ornament was sold during the 1993 holiday season in Disney Stores.
Magic Carpet Ride Ball Disney’s Aladdin Christmas Ornament by Schmidt
At the same time, holidays ’93, Schmidt produced an Aladdin themed ball. They showed magic carpet ride and logo.
Disneys Aladdin 1995 Christmas Tree Ornament Disney’s Aladdin Christmas Ornament 1995 by Schmidt
For the holidays of ’95, Schmidt produced another Aladdin themed ball. The print is the cute image of Aladdin and Jasmine looking into each others eyes.

Aladdin Jasmine Christmas figures

If you decide to keep it simple and only hang two ornaments in the tree I advise you to use these figures. They’re detailed, adoring and Christmas themed.

Aladdin Jasmine Wedding Xmas outfit Unexpected but Hallmark produced an ornament of Al and Jas riding Carpet in their wedding attire.
Aladdin Jasmine Wedding Xmas Magic Carpet ride Aladdin Jasmine Wedding Xmas Magic Carpet ride by Hallmark
Hallmark also produced an orament showing Aladdin and Jasmine in their wedding attire on carpet.
Aladdin Storybook Ornaments Disney “Aladdin” Storybook Christmas Ornaments from Disney’s Ornament Collection
On the opposite side if you want to go all the way I say invest your money in this item. On EBay it sells around $ 30 depending on condition, seller etcetera.
Genie Christmas Stocking
Pretty rare is a red Christmas Stocking with a small image of Genie on it. Girls might like a pink one with a standard Jasmine image printed on.

Christmas Gift Ideas

For the little ones who have a weak spot for Aladdin, probably thanks to Jasmine in her Disney Princess role, there is too much toys and other nice gift ideas to list here. So again by using EBay as a guideline here’s my toys top 3 I would’ve wanted from Santa if I had been an 8 year old boy in 1992.

Mattel’s Aladdin action figuresI would’ve loved to replay Aladdin’s adventures with toys like the small static pose ones on the photo or the larger ones with movable limps. “The Final Battle Play set” is the ultimate toy for boys pretending they are Aladdin fighting against the evil wizard Jafar to rescue Princess Jasmine.

Aladdin Board Game “The Magic Carpet Game” by MB
I’ll also might enjoy taking it up against my family in this board game version of the movie. With up to four players I could’ve played against my parents and a friend or relative. Although, I think my aunts and uncles stopped coming after I turned 5 or so. Hmm, perhaps my neighbor would’ve enjoyed the game. Neighbor Cor was sweet man and often a good board game opponent.
The Aladdin Series was populair enough to vault for a board game too but that one is very rare and only appears for sale a few times a year. Regular stores carry several Disney Editions of classic board games like Trivia Pursuitand Guess Who? that include Aladdin in one way or another.

Guess Who Disney Edition
Guess Who Disney Edition includes Aladdin
, Jasmine and Genie

Aladdin Tiger Electronic Video Handheld game
Looks this would be a fun game too if it was around when I was 8 when I got my first handheld video game I would have asked for it.
Now in today’s violent 3D hyper realistic video game market that old LCD game might look like yesterday news because it is from yesterdays. Instead of an old game get your boy Kingdom Hearts 2 for the PS2 or one of the new Princess video games (Enchanted Journey or Magical Jewels) for a Princess fan.
Taking about girls and princesses. Now it’s easy for girls to pretend they’re Jasmine with the hundreds of Disney Princess products on the market but I imagine that 15 years ago they had to improvise. Of course there were some dolls and Polly Pocket play cases but that’s about it I guess. Anyone care to confirm what Disney had in 1992?

Adult Aladdin and Disney loves will be so very grateful to find a Walt Disney Collectors Company statue under the tree on Christmas morning. Because of the steep price and high collector’s value I think getting this gift from a close family member or girl/boy friend would have the most impact. I’ve written a good article on what’s available on the market today and what price you could expect to pay for that’s why I’ll only list a 2 statues that you can buy for just over the hundred dollars.

WDCC RAJAH sells for around $ 110 and the Jasmine statue is yours for about 15 dollars more selling at $ 125 dollars. Either of these are amazing gifts to receive or give to/from a loved one and are a good start of your Aladdin WDCC figures. collection
Remember though these are just guide prices based on current EBay listings (and exclusive any shipping or tax rates. Actual purchase could be either cheaper or more expensive then what’s listed here.
Of course if you’re a fanatic pin collector and are still looking for a few you can always ask pins for the happiest day of the year. EBay lists well over 300 pins which cost from $ 1 to $ 10 easily. There’s even two 15 anniversary pins selling between 10 and 16 dollars. So it’s good to look for the best price first.

Group Hug Expensive WDCC statue
WDCC Group Hug is to expensive
too ask for selling for $1.900 US dollars

Before I go on forever I’ll end with saying that I hope this guide, specially the ornaments, inspires you what to ask your loved ones this special Holiday season and the best chance to ask something if you haven’t before.

All prices are guide lines based on prices that are asked at EBay and are exclusive shipping and/or handling rates. Prices may or may not vary at other stores. Please do not ask questions about availability and or pricing all information is included.

15th Anniversary High-Quality Picture 15

To celebrate Disney’s Aladdin premiered 15 years ago this 25 November a high-quality picture is published daily. The pictures are from a Japanese Movie Program I purchased earlier this year and promised to share high-res scans but haven’t gotten a chance to so.
The pictures are large, 2000 pixels wide and over 300kb in size.

Download the Zip file by clicking on the thumbnail of Day 15: Asking premisio to drewl over the background.

Japanese Movie Program Scan