15th Anniversary High-Quality Picture 20

To celebrate Disney’s Aladdin premiered 15 years ago this 25 November a high-quality picture is published daily. The pictures are from a Japanese Movie Program I purchased earlier this year and promised to share high-res scans but haven’t gotten a chance to so.
The pictures are large, 3000 pixels wide and over 500kb in size.

Download the Zip file by clicking on the thumbnail of Day 20: Genie Puppeteer!

Japanese Movie Program Scan

The new Robin Williams film August Rush opens tomorrow

August Rush poster with Keri Russell and Robin WilliamsAugust Rush a musical drama about a body seeking his parents. This new Robin Williams feature opens country wide in the US tomorrow. Like previously mentioned in August Rush, upcoming Robin Williams film” the chap that did Genie’s voice plays “Wizard” New York street musician. The rest of the cast include Freddie Highmore as the title character, the talented Keri Russell as the boys mom and Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Louis Connelly. August Rush is written by the story writers behind the classic adventure comedy Hook.

The official site offers a trailer to embed on your own site or blog like I did below, wallpapers, buddy icons of the cast, embedded video clips including one of Kerri playing cello and Jonathan singing and the activity Remix The Trailer” where you can arrange your own score and share it with friends.

I predict that August Rush has box office hit potential probably staying in the top 10 for quite a while.

15th Anniversary Article: Aladdin sculptures in Walt Disney Classic Collection

15 years ago this month Walt Disney Studios released its 32th full-length animated classic Aladdin. In honor of this joyful month Streetrat celebrates 15 years of magic, action, humor and romance.

Walt Disney Classics Collection is known for its exclusive handcrafted and painted porcelain statues of Disney characters. The statues are produced in limited numbers and therefore prices vary from relative cheap (around $100) to expensive (more than a thousand dollars).

Aladdin statues in the Collection go back almost a decade, in 1997/98 WDCC launched “I’m Losing to a Rug” and “One Mighty Evil One”
Genie and Jafar where the first to get a WDCC statue in 1997. You probably seen them or might even own one. Genie is playing a game of chess against Carpet while Jafar is seen placing the ruby ring into the hourglass, both statues appear to have been retired earlier this year.

Oh Mighty Evil One
I'm Losing to a Rug

Oh Mighty Evil One and I’m losing to a rug

Title Card
Aladdin Opening

Several years past and virtually every other major classic film got a figure except Aladdin.

For the 2001 holiday season two sculptures where released in the “Enchanted Castle” Ornament Series. Triton’s Castle and Sultan’s Palace. The suggested retail price was $45 then. Today I’ve seen it selling for almost 60 bucks on EBay. It’s relative cheap and would be a great addition to anyone’s WDCC sculpture collection.

Sultan's Palace Ornament

It wasn’t until 2002 Aladdin fans exchange their money for on a new Walt Disney Classic Collection figure. A title plaque wasn’t much but it the first in a line of figs that would blow Genie and Jafar out of the water. The plaque is aimed at the lower end of the market selling for around $30 it is great for Disney fans who want to own a genuine Walt Disney Classics Collection figure both can’t affort the more expensive ones. It would also be a great birthday or Christmas present. That same year saw the dreewable and expensive Aladdin figure day light. In a Dusty Horner crafted limited rendition of 1,992 pcs of A Whole New World made for Aladdin’s 10th birthday. Some dealers sold a Jeweled Agrabah Base.

The next couple of years the collection didn’t grow but in the winter 2005 a figure of Aladdin with lamp, Abu on his head and Carpet titled “Legend of the Lamp” was released. Because it was only 3 months on the market it’s hard to find and logically pricey.

One year later Jasmine, Sultan and Rajah where given the WDCC retreatment. Together the three make the princess introduction scene. Jasmine holding the bird “Captive Spirits” while her father “Fawning Father” pleads to choose a husband and Rajah “Bengal Bodyguard” is observing them from a distance. Statues are made of earthenware and although I couldn’t confirm it I suspect the releases where tied into Aladdin DVD premiere that same year.

Legend Of The Lamp

Captive Spirits, Fawning Father and Bengal Bodyguard

Captive Spirits

Fawning Father
Bengal Bodyguard

With just above a hundred bucks each, with Sultan being the cheapest and Rajah the priciest it is possible far the average Disney fantastic to at least own one.

Not long after, in 2006, Genie and Jafar got a second statue.
Titled “Villainous Vizier” by Kent Melton, who also did “I’m Losing To A Rug” and “Oh Mighty Evil One” both are selling for about $ 175. The Genie captured the jinni loony personality in the Ruben Procopio sculpture “Magic At His Finger Tips”.
Also in 2006 a stone-resin statue of the Cave Of Wonders was released. The cave sits on a wooden base and comes with a miniature bronze Aladdin.

Villainous Vizier and Magic At His Finger Tips
Villainous Vizier

Magic At His Finger Tips

Cave Of Wonders
The Cave of Wonders with miniture Aladdin

Harder to find is “Group Hug” a three dimensional recreation of the final moments in Aladdin. Jasmine is lifted by Aladdin where Genie, Sultan, Carpet and Abu stand around watching the newly formed couple. The characters stand on a base in the form of the palace balcony. The statue is made Capodimonte porcelain with the hands of sculptor Enzo Arnzenton. The price: US $1.901, 55

WDCC statues are being sold at various official dealers worldwide and second hand on auction sites like EBay.