Jasmine yearns”To Be Free”

I heard the most wonderful version of Jasmine’s solo “To Be Free” from Aladdin: A Musical Spectectular on YouTube. It inspired me to search other versions of this Alan Menken song based on the instrumental To Be Free from the movie.

Jasmine ‘To Be Free’ by ananda81

This YouTube user put the song, sang by Deedee Magno who played Jasmine in the park musical under footage from the movie. This version is on the offficial cast album.

Jasmine Performs “To Be Free” in Aladdin: A Musical Spect. by fift33s

A recording of that same actress, Deedee Mango, performing live on stage.

To Be Free, from Aladdin, a musical spectacular by NYCinema

A more recent Jasmine sings To Be Fee in a more joyful and hoping matter. Her vocals are fine but DeeDee sounded more like Lea. This Jasmine acts more with her hands.

To Be Free by Feathersandploom

Feathersandploom does it the hard way, she sings the song without music. Nice voice though!

“To Be Free” – Alan Menken by oceanege

oceanege uploaded her performance today and this is version that I mentioned at the begining of this post. A fantasic voice I hope to hear more from the future.

15th Anniversary High-Quality Picture 22

To celebrate Disney’s Aladdin premiered 15 years ago this 25 November a high-quality picture is published daily. The pictures are from a Japanese Movie Program I purchased earlier this year and promised to share high-res scans but haven’t gotten a chance to so.
The pictures are large, 3000 pixels wide and over 500kb in size.

Download the Zip file by clicking on the thumbnail of Day 22: Shopping citizens!

Japanese Movie Program Scan