15 years true love

Being totally in the mood for some Al/Jas romance because it’s a happy day. *points to header image* and even though it’s now 5 past 10 in the evening and so the 15th Anniversary comes to an end in less then 2 hours I felt I should do something to celebrate it.

This morning I watched “While The City Snoozes” on TV and tonight I watched my favorite scenes from the movie which happen to be also edited in an Aladdin Music Video starring the boy trapped in his poovery and the trapped girl in her gilden cage.
Aladdin Romance is brought you by magnum44 and made possible thanks to the talented Aladdin crew and YouTube.

Happy 15th guys!

Aladdin Forever

15th Anniversary High-Quality Picture 25: The Directors

To celebrate that today precisely 15 years ago Disney’s Aladdin premiered Streetrat featured a daily high-quality picture for the past 25 days. The pictures are from a Japanese Movie Program I purchased earlier this year and promised to share high-res scans but haven’t gotten a chance to so. Besides stills from the movie the program contained promotional photos of the key people who brought this animated film to life.

Ron Clements


Japanese Movie Program Scan - Ron Clements

Before Aladdin, Ron Clements was at the Disney studios since the late 1970’s as animator on the short film “The Small One”, the live-action/animated film “Pete’s Dragon” up to the 1981 “Fox And The Hound”. From then on he teamed up with John Musker to write for “The Black Cauldron” and “The Great Mouse Detective” Which paved the way for their directional debut with the hit “The Little Mermaid” where they also wrote the screenplay of and making them immortal. Once Mermaid was finished they started on Aladdin
After Aladdin, Ron Clements would work on directing, writing and producing “Hercules” After Herc it would be quiet around this magical duo for four years when their last film before temporarily leaving Disney come out. “Treasure Planet” wasn’t the hit they hoped for and a few years later Disney would shot down their traditional animation feature film department.
Since 2006 Ron Clements is again working with his friend John Musker on a 2D Disney film. “The Princess And The Frog” is set for a 2009 premiere.

John Musker


Japanese Movie Program Scan - John Musker width=
Before Aladdin, John Musker’s story is more or less the same as Ron’s. John joined Disney around the same time working as assistant animator with Frank Thomas on “The Rescuers” (1977) before working on “Pete’s Dragon”, “The Black Cauldron”, “The Great Mouse Detective” and “The Little Mermaid” (1989). Before producing and directing Aladdin.
After Aladdin, John Musker worked on “Hercules” and “Treasure Planet” (2002) five years after his last Disney film these two vets attendant the premiere of “The Princess And The Frog”.