Anniversary Wallpaper

A big anniversary like this week can’t go by without an appropriate wallpaper. Based on an image in the most recent Princess magazine comes A Whole Old World Anniversary Wallpaper.

Sorry just a 1024 by 768 pixel version. Set the wallpaper as your desktop by clicking on the thumbnail to load the full screen version then right click and choose Set as background .

A Whole Old World Anniversary Wallpaper

15th Anniversary High-Quality Picture 27: The Story and Music

To celebrate that today precisely 15 years ago Disney’s Aladdin premiered Streetrat featured a daily high-quality picture for the past 25 days. The pictures are from a Japanese Movie Program I purchased earlier this year and promised to share high-res scans but haven’t gotten a chance to so. Besides stills from the movie the program contained promotional photos of the key people who brought this animated film to life.

Not included in the magazine but deserving the credits are two of the key story people who shaped Aladdin into its final form are Terry Rossio and his writing partner Ted Elliott.

Ted Elliott

Screenplay writer

Before Aladdin, Ted co-wrote the unknown horror comedy “Little Monsters” with Terry Rossio.
After Aladdin, he and Terry made name in the movie industry working on the family film “Small Soldiers” before hitting gold in “The Mask Of Zorro” in 1999 quickly followed by 2 DreamWorks movies “Road To Eldorado” and the first “Shrek” movie before being reunited with Ron n’ John and a large portion of the Aladdin crew for “Treasure Planet”. They became immortal when asked to write the screenplay for all three “Pirates Of The Pirates of the Caribbean” films.

Terry Rossio

Screenplay writer

Terry Rossio’s professional career is exactly the same as Teds above.

Howard Ashman

Lyricist & Story Writer

Before Aladdin, Howard Ashman wrote story and lyrics for “Little Shop Of Horrors” along with is pal the legendary Alan Menken before landing at Disney. As ‘test run’ Howard was asked to write the opening song Once Upon a Time in New York City for “Oliver & Company.” Next followed “The Little Mermaid” his baby which he co-wrote, co-produced, and did the lyrics for. Next project was doing the songs together with Alan for “Beauty and the Beast”
After Aladdin, Howard Ashman died half-way Aladdin’s production and so never saw the final film of both Beauty and Al.

Alan Menken

Lyrist & Composer

Japanese Movie Program Scan - Alan Menken
Lyricists and composers Alan Menken and Tim Rice seen going through a song.

Before Aladdin, Alan’s career followed more or less the same path Howard walked. He did lyrics for “Little Shop of Horrors” and composed for two unknown movies “The Line” (1980) and “Act II” (1987) before joining Disney to never leave by composing “The Little Mermaid” and “Beauty and the Beast”
After Aladdin, came “Pocahontas” , “The Hunch Back Of Notre Dame” and “Hercules” between feature film his music and lyrics where used in Aladdin’s sequel 1 and series in Arabian Nights Mr. Menken wrote additional material for musical adaption’s his big 3 films, “The Little Mermaid: Broadway Musical”, “Beauty and the Beast: Broadway”,
“Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular”

Tim Rice

Lyrist & Composer

Japanese Movie Program Scan - Tim Rice
Lyrists and composers Alan Menken and Tim Rice.

Before Aladdin Tim Rice wrote music and songs for musicals “Evita” and “Chess” and “Jesus Christ Superstar” until he was asked to help Alan complete songs and score for Aladdin.
After Aladdin, Mr. Rice continued working for Disney by working with Elton John on the music of “The Lion King”. Reunited with Alan Menken writing more songs for the Broadway adaption of Beauty. A new musical called “Aida” and the theater version of 1994s of Simba the lion king.
For DreamWorks Tim Rice joined forces with Elton John again on “The Road to El Dorado”.