Original Glen Keane modelsheets @ monofolio

A new ‘Making of Aladdin’ category post is long overdue but you know it’s diffecult to find matitial and subjects to write about. Good news though I found 2 model sheets of Aladdin by Glen Keane.

'Glen Keane explains changes in Aladdin’s design
Geert published these rare hard to find modelsheets at his blog monfolio.
Expressions and body poses of a young looking Aladdin forms a guideline for Glen’s animation to team follow.
On the second sheet are design changes of the characters face and neck explained. This modelsheet was part of Glen Keane’s lecture after the decision was made to make Aladdin look older. The DVD has a feature on it titled “Desiging the lead character”, freeze in the last frame after Glen says: “unfortunate that’s the one we have to draw” see the screenshot.
Mermaid fans will love the 10 Ariel modelsheet there too. I love #3 Ariel looking over her shoulder. The hope in her eyes in #4 and the sadness in the last modelsheet.

Thanks to The Art of Glen Keane.