Genie Sim in Sims 2 Free Time

Sims 2 Free Time Genie
Sims are talking about magic lamps since the Sims 2 came out three years ago and thanks to some creative fans Sims could dress up as genies, street urchin and Arabian princesses but their searches for the mythical Cave of Wonders always ended up at death ends. Sure some Sims made it their job to hunt for ancient relics in the Adventurer career that was added trough an expansion pack but the magic lamp seemed lost forever.

However from February 26, 2008 on genie’s lamp is within their reach. That’s when The Sims 2 FreeTime hits the streets it contains a magic lamp that summons a purple Genie Sims ready to grant wishes. The Genie can grant just one wish at the time it’s up to the Sim to choose.

Wealth, Beauty, Cheat Death, Longer Life and unlike Aladdin’s genie this being can bring people back from the death.

How to get a Magic Lamp with the genie?

Some sources say that the household needs a total 16 hobby points for the gypsy woman to drop you a lamp while others say there’s a 2% chance every day your household receives a lamp and that chance can be increased when Sims have many hobby points prefer a full hobby bar or 2.
My families in the Seasons neighborhood, descents of a pre-made household, are big Nature lovers with greenhouses and all… plus one teenage girl is in Platinum mood ever since she filled her music and arts hobby bar fully but still no gypsy with magic lamp.

Cheating seems the only other way to get the lamp, typ boolprop testingcheatsenabled true call the gypsy and spawn the lamp by shift+click and select spawn->genie lamp. If you thought that you can sell the lamp from the Aspir family in Desiderata Valley by opening a public store on a community lot, forget it! The lamp can’t be priced.

Credits: SnootySims

Cant bring people back from the death
Sims 2 Freetime: Aladdin buys magic lamp