Carpet ride Christmas Ornaments

Carpet ride Christmas Ornaments

Two cute Aladdin Christmas ornaments got delivered today The figures show Jasmine cherishing Aladdin cheek being hold by Aladdin on Carpet whose tassels have little Mickey Mouse ears ornaments. Next: A Jasmine Rajah ornament is underway.

Aladdin Jasmine Christmas Ornament close-up

Overall shot of Aladdin Jasmine Christmas Ornament

4 thoughts on “Carpet ride Christmas Ornaments

  1. Please, do you know where can find this ornament to purchase. This ornament has deep sentamental value to me. I have found all sorts of aladdin and jasmine ornaments but not this one. I saw it last year at disney and didn’t get it, I am totally kicking myself in the rear now b/c I am surprising my boyfriend for christmas by flying up to see him and I wanted this ornament to be one of three gifts leading to him finding me. Please if you have any idea where I can find it, please le me know. Thank you so much.
    Many blessings,

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