Rare script changes, storyboards and workprints of feature film Aladdin

princeali_m_fan got hold of a few DVD’s filled with making of material ranging from workprints to pencil tests even storyboards. Aladdin is meaner in early drafts while Jasmine appears to be more obivous on the things going on around her like Jafar’s plot to seize her father’s throne and she makes it obivous she can’t stand Jafar.

Script changes including

“Aladdin just referred to himself and Abu as the greatest thieves in Agrabah.”
“Jasmine made Aladdin spit out watermelon seeds when he saw her for the first time in the marketplace ”
“Jasmine: That man wouldn’t have really have cut off my hand…would he? D:
Aladdin: Haha, naw. Probably just a couple of fingers 😀
Jasmine: :D…..DDDDDD:”

Shiera has more highlights on the Agrabah LiveJournal community. Now let’s she hope she can get pictures.