Glen Keane off of “Rapunzel” back to animation

Trough Ultimate Disney comes word that Disney animation chief John Lasseter took Glen Keane off of the 2010 film Rapunzel. The word is that John didn’t like the latest cut of the film and replaced Glen and his co-director Dean Wellins with the directors of this holiday seasons Disney feature Bolt.
Another reason Glenn stepped back is that he has a threatening health issues. He stays on as director animator a title I haven’t heard to be in a Disney feature film since the 70’s/early 80’s when the studio started to stick proper credits on their movies. Glen is still on as Exclusive Producer, whatever that means.

Some say that because Glen couldn’t show his boss something he liked after seven years it was John Lasseter good right to replace him with someone come capable then I ask why let the poor man struggle for seven years, couldn’t he intervene earlier?