Christmas in Agrabah

Christmas in Agrabah

I just finished A Muppet Christmas Carol on DVD. I’ve seen the movie on TV a couple of times because the music is on Disneytunes allot I wanted the soundtrack but could only find the DVD which is fine too.
Anyway A Muppet Christmas Carol and Aladdin share the same premiere year, both came out in 1992 and so where promoted alongside by Disney. I have an ad for “Muppet Christmas” in my copy of Entertainment Weekly Nov. 1992.

Watching the movie took me back to 1993, that’s when both movies where released in Netherlands, it was a lovely holiday season I was almost half a lifetime younger and was halfway high school that year I think glad to be out of primary education not to say I hated it but I was picked on allot. Anyway the movie also reminded me that an Aladdin Christmas Carol was discussed in the premature days of the fandom.

I couldn’t find a ‘cast list’ in the archives but in the spirit of A Muppet Christmas Carol and Mickey’s Christmas Carol the lead male character would be casted as Bob Cratchit, Jasmine would play his wife. The Sultan as Scrooge’s schoolteacher and Thundra as Belle.
The spirits could be various characters Genie as the Ghost of Christmas Present and Jafar could be Marley Scrooge death partner. Scrooge himself should be portrayed by Iago as the bird is very greedy; looking for a deal the parrot is casted for the role as the old businessman. Of course then Iago should be a human character named Iago.

That leaves us with two ghosts, The Ghost of Christmas Past and the Ghost of Christmas Future to cast. On the Aladdin character side there’s Abu, Carpet, Rajah and Rasoul as big supporting characters in the universe plus the slew of minor TV series characters as extras like we saw Pluto in Mickey’s Christmas Carol and many minor Muppets in the Muppets Christmas Carol.

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