All hail Sadira

Sadira/Aladdin pairing music videos aren’t common, people don’t always know she’s the teenage streetwise witch from the TV show who had the hots for Aladdin for a while to end up friends with the gang.
Alice Keys sings U Don’t Know My Name for Sadira and her love interest. Made by Booncier

Birth of a Disney Princess: Princess Jasmine

alafastanzio wrote detailed article diving how Princess Jasmine came to life.

For the long time fans of Princess Jasmine and the film she originates in there’s nothing in the article you couldn’t have learned from other sources. For those who are new to the fandom I suggest you pick up a copy of Aladdin: Making of an animated film making of book that was published in 1993. The Pretty In Ink Entertainment Weekly article in the December 1992 issue is gives you a good idea how Jasmine was formed. The second disc of the 2004 special edition DVD reveals some more behind the scenes information on Jasmine.

Insight the making of an animated film: ideas that didn’t make it

Jim Hill’s regular animation veteran Floyd Norman gives us an interesting insight in the time it takes to develop an idea into a workable script or decent storyboards. I know that it took many people to contribute story ideas before Aladdin became the story that we saw in the finished film. First pitched by Howard Ashman then later re-wrote by Beauty and the Beast writer Linda Wolverton before the final screenplay took shape by the hands of Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio and the producers/directors Ron & John.

Rare A Whole New World Edition

A rare version of Aladdin’s theme song surfaced the other day in the form of the accompanied song in an anime music video. One theory on Ultimate Disney is that it’s from Disney Dreams. The male voice does sound like Peter Pan to me. He sounds simlar to the Peter Pan I heard on park recordings like parades and such.

“Disney Dreams, an original stage show performed on the Disney Cruise Line. The show involves a young girl named Anne Marie who dreams of flying and meeting Princesses and kings. She wishes on a star and when she falls asleep, the Blue Fairy comes and grants her wish, but she has to find the strength inside to fly before the clock strikes 12. Anyway, Peter Pan is her guide throughout the show as they travel through different Disney stories to make her wish come true. “

While someone at YouTube thinks it could be from Aladdin (jr), the high school production package Disney made a couple of years ago and is since then preformed on schools all over the USA. In this case it could be a demo recording but by who and when is unknown. It’s supported by the fact that both voices sound childish but I wonder why Disney would orded a demo recording.