A selection of Aladdin fan art from DeviantArt

I haven’t been to DeviantArt in a while so it about time I did look around for artwork worth highlighting.

First off a drawing of the robot dragon from the TV series episode “Dune Quixote”. Sadira placed a spell on Aladdin making him think he’s a knight who most rescue his princess, Sadira of course. Things go bad when Genie tried to undo the girl’s magic. In the second half of the episode big blue made this robot dragon with remote appear to be slayed by Aladdin. Genie brakes the remote and the thing goes heywire. Eventually things turn out right when dragon is blown up and Al returns to his normal self.

DKurt drew a few classic Jafar expressions, annoyed, evil grin, bored and shocked.

JaviDLuffy did a real sexy version of Princess Jasmine as a genie using vectors. Good coloring as well .