Going Retro: Prince Ali DOS

The PC MS-DOS version of the Virgin Aladdin video game was by far the best of all the  ports to inferior consoles. It had higher resolution, something like 480 x 320, better graphics with more detail, smoother animation some of inbetweener’s that worked on the film contributed to the game a first in video game history and the game had stereo 44 kHz 16-bit sound with a bigger wavetable (pre-recorded music notes) than any of the consoles. Worth noting that at the time, we’re talking early 90’s, the PC was still developing itself into a game system and so things like soundcards weren’t yet integrated into the mainboard like today’s modern systems. Most common where Creative Sound Blaster 2.0 or Pro compatible cards.

Aladdin concept art at PatF exclusive showing

Tory described on here LiveJournal blog how lucky she was to be few who got to the exclusive showing of Princess and the Frog on the Disney lot in LA on Thanksgiving. From the reviews I’ve read it looks like Disney finally refound some of their magic back, Princess and the Frog is prasied to stand firm besides the 90’s films. The tomatometer on Rottentomatos rates it 88% with an average rating of 7.1/10.

Anyway after the movie there was an even more exclusive tour throught an exibit full of items uses to make Disney movies from Glen Close’s red dress in 101 Dalmations to Gissele blue dress from Enchanted that and lots of artwork from the animated films. Including, and here comes it, 3 concept art pieces. She als had a meet n’ greet with Jasmine talking about Aladdin giving Rajah a bath all by himself. Sounds like a fun conversation!
3 Aladdin concept art pieces at Princess and the Frog exibit

Aladdin turns 17 today

The peddler pan shot

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Aladdin (movie) reached the age Aladdin (character) today. Seventeen years ago today was the US wide premiere of Disney’s Aladdin. I can hardly imagine that time has flown by so quickly.

Well to celebrate this joyful day I uploaded a collection of scans I made from the Art of Aladdin book I purchased some months ago

Jas & Don

I love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtels, the 90’s cartoon is the best. And Donatello is my favorite turtle I always choose to play in the SNES video games because of his cool weapon the Bo Staff (I looked the name up). I recall Jasmine has some fighting skill with a staff too.
Talk about a crazy combination!