Disney Music Lovers, new LiveJournal community

Disney Music Lovers is a new LJ community where Disney fans can discusss and share their favorite music by the house of mouse just opened it’s doors this week. Now on itself that’s not that new, there’s been dozens of web communties about Disney music but this one happens to have a really nice Aladdin background from an unknown artist. However as am not an member at LJ I can’t see past the front page.

Disney Music Lovers background

In other LiveJournal news at the Disney Princess community is a good discussion going on about the difference between a Disney princess and a Disney heroine in terms of marketing and the actual characters as they appeared in their movies. I for one would like see a new DH line that includes girls like Megara and the fiesty Esmeralda but also classic Disney girls like Wendy, who would be a good role model being the big sister of two brothers.